Kevin Hammond is a fourth-generation Oklahoman and a Democrat.  Originally from Bartlesville, he now resides in northeast Cleveland County with his wife and two children.  Hammond pursued a career in the criminal justice field in response to the bravery exhibited by police and security personnel on 9/11.  His experience as both a police supervisor and a security manager provides the concrete skills needed to excel in the diverse duties of the Sheriff’s Office.

Hammond earned a BA in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Oklahoma and an MA in Business and Organizational Security Management from Webster University.  He went on to work as a Loss Prevention Manager before entering on the ground floor with new police departments at Rose State College and Oklahoma City Community College.  While at OCCC, Hammond was promoted, where he served as the direct supervisor and training coordinator for the police, security, dispatch, and support staff in the department, reporting directly to the Chief, and completing the Chief’s duties in his absence.

Hammond knows that training is the key to effective and professional law enforcement, which has led him to attend the Police Chief Administrative and Command Staff Training with the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Command Leadership Institute with the Federal Bureau of Investigation – Law Enforcement Executive Development Association.  He also earned his Advanced Peace Officer Certification and Peace Officer Instructor Certification.

In 2015, Hammond rejoined the private sector as a Security Manager for a global technology company with a campus in Oklahoma City.  After authoring the Oklahoma City campus’ security operations and emergency procedures, Hammond was assigned global responsibility for leading physical security procedure administration, as well as authoring the global site security operations procedures.  His work in the private sector has taught him how to plan and implement strategies that reduce cost, eliminate waste, and communicate with the needs of the people he serves.

After a tumultuous year for the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, including state auditor findings of financial mismanagement, lawsuits, and the abrupt resignation of long-time Sheriff Joe Lester, Hammond is focused on bringing independent management and oversight to the office.  He is excited by the opportunity to use the administrative skills he has developed in both the public and private sectors to set the Office on a path to becoming a premier, modern policing agency that will be responsive to the needs of the people, and become a transparent and trustworthy steward of the community’s tax dollars.


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